Saturday, September 6, 2014

Florida Keys- Rv lot at Venture Out Resort on Cudjoe Key


In March of 2013, we bought an Rv lot in the Florida Keys.  When we are not using it, we will rent it out.   The rates are consistent with the other rental rates in the Keys.  

Our Rv lot in the Florida Keys is located near mile marker 23, which is 23 miles from Key West on the island of Cudjoe Key.

We are at Venture Out Resort, which is a a gated community with a mixture of Rv lots and vacation homes.     It’s pretty full in the winter months, but most of the winter residents head north for the summer.

The weather in the winter doesn’t get any better than in the Florida Keys.

The normal temperatures in January through March are quite warm and the record cold temperature in Key West was 41 degrees back in  1981.

These are the average temperatures.  It’s usually low 80’s or high 70’s and a few degrees cooler at night.

Climate Information for Key West   Florida   South   United States   Climate Zone

You can see we are pretty far south!   We are actually 23 miles from the southernmost point in the United States. 

Next stop, Cuba.

Map picture


Venture out has a full service marina with boat ramps, fuel and a convenience store

Venture Out

boat ramp

Venture Out


the saltwater swimming area and the tiki hut near the marina


Venture Out


This is the seawall near tiki hut and marina.  The boat channel runs right by this area and you are just 8 miles from famous Looe Key Reef.

Venture Out "beach"

pelicans waiting for handouts near the fish cleaning station



Our Rv lot as viewed  from the front.  It’s a pull through.

Venture Out

View of Rv lot from the rear.  Patio on the right.  You pull in here.

Venture Out

Our 41 foot motor home fits on the lot with room to park our truck in front.


Venture Out


Rv and tow vehicle/toad must be parked on parking area without hanging out into the street (per HOA rules)


Venture Out


The lots both in front and behind the motorhome are on a canal leading to the ocean or bay.

This is our view from the patio.   There is almost always a wonderful sea breeze from the patio.  The Atlantic is straight ahead but far enough away so that you don’t get too much sea breeze!

Venture Out

sunrises and sunsets from around the park




sunrise at Venture Out


The fishing is good, and the water is warm and clear.  You can bring your boat and store it in the overflow storage lot, but the resort charges a small fee for overflow storage.

These fish were too small to keep and went back in to grow up.

Fishing by Venture Out

Fishing by Venture Out


Nearby Key West is always fun, day or night!


The Bull 


tropical plants and flowers are everywhere.  There are no freezing temperatures here.





Frangi pangi


coconut palm


You can pressure wash your boat and trailer here by the fish cleaning station.

Venture out


You might even get some help from an endangered Great White Heron

Al and Great White Heron

Famous Looe Key Reef is only a short 8 mile boat ride from Venture Out Resort.

The water is clear and the fish life is amazing.



If you don’t have your own boat, you can go out on one of the many dive/snorkel charter boats.   There are very shallow areas of the reef for even the most inexperienced snorkelers or divers.


If you are lucky, you might even see Nemo, the 300 pound goliath grouper.


300 pound jewfish


Or some of his other many friends


The color of the water is amazing.


After a long day out exploring the other islands, the reef, or Key West, this is the view from the patio, where there is usually a very welcome breeze.



Some of the amenities around Venture Out Resort

Pool overlooking the Atlantic ocean

venture out pool




You will get to Cudjoe Key via the Overseas Highway, which is a nice road linking the many islands of the Florida Keys.



It’s an easy drive and despite what it looks like in the photos, it’s not scary!

th (1)

There is always plenty to do!




Don’t miss the nightly sunset celebration in Key West.

Mallory Square, Key West

Mallory Square, Key West



Venture Out Resort is a vacation community of homes and Rv lots that are all individually owned.  The HOA has rules that are strictly enforced.  A few of the rules are:

2 pets per unit with restrictions on certain dog breeds.

Your Rv and tow vehicle or toad have to be parked inside the confines of the driveway on the lot.  If your tow vehicle/toad don’t fit there is an overflow lot for $2-4 a day. You can also store your boat there.

Dogs can be walked outside the park along the sidewalk, and you can walk the dog from your lot to the gate, just not on a stroll inside the park.  Too many accidents, I guess.

Venture Out (and all of the Keys) are bicycle friendly and there is no shortage of places to ride.  Electric golf carts are allowed.

There are numerous bathouses and laundry facilities.   No clothes lines are permitted.   :(


Venture Out charges a one time fee of $53.75.  I’m not sure exactly what is for, but everyone has to pay it whether you are there for one night or 90.

Florida taxes are 7% but with an additional 5.5% for a bed tax.   Can’t help that.  Sorry, it’s Florida and probably one of the reasons we don’t have state income tax. Thanks tourists!  :)


Since we are not always in the Keys, we are having the Realtor that sold us the property handle the rental.  If you are interested in renting the, let me know and I will have her call you.

We will be using the lot from Feb through May, so it is not available.

December through January are available but on a minimum of one month (starting on the first of the month)   You will be responsible for the electricity you use on a monthly rental.  There is a meter on the lot.

Summer rates end in September

November rates are $50 nightly and can be rented by the week. 


Monday, May 26, 2014

More Photos of our new RV lot in the Florida Keys

Our empty site #611 at Venture Out Resort

our view from the patio.  The Atlantic Ocean is at the end of the street, canals are to our right and left.

our 41 foot motorhome and truck fit on the site.

sunset on Mallory Square in nearby Key West

 marina and saltwater pool at Venture Out Resort 

lots of good fishing nearby

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

RV Lot at Venture Out Resort

We closed on the property on March 14th.   We have renters on the lot until April 1st, so we haven't been able to move onto the new RV lot.

Here are a few pictures of the lot.